This game is a submission to the #GoGodotJam with the theme "Growth".

It is made entirely in the Godot. It tells the story of plants all around the world that try to grow their way out of the pot and into the outside world. You will take control of the plant growth by telling it where to go. Keep in mind that your plant needs water to survive long enough to reach the window.


  • Arrow keys will navigate the plant
  • ESC brings you back to the main menu (no save)

I am a professional C++ game developer and also have a blog with useful programming articles including ones that are for the Godot game engine. You can check out more info on!

Release date May 31, 2021
AuthorHristo Stamenov
Made withAseprite, Godot
TagsGame Boy, Pixel Art, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes


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WOW awsome game for a Jam its beatifully polished and the art is amazing and most important its fun and the idea is great. 

I would have made some harder levels though and maybe some hazards? 

Anyway good luck with the jam :). 

I only had a few hours for the duration of the jam so I had to scope low. It is pretty much the core mechanic and polish. I had ideas for other gameplay elements but I am also pretty accurate on estimation so I left it as is with just a few showcase levels. Except that nobody wants to waste his time on only one game in a jam where there are plenty.

If the game is easily completable in a few minutes then it's great for the jam.


Very creative and nice art-style! Well done.


great execution! love the limited visibility, adds an element of uncertainty as a challenge for something that would otherwise be too easy :)


veery cool!


This was fun to play! The concept is unique, and the controls were smooth. Nice job!


Nice concept!